Kiria-ini Catholic Parish


Patron saint: Our Lady of Consolata

P.o Box 40 – 10204 Kiria-ini

Email address:

Tel no. 0713 885 834

Parish priest: Fr. Samuel Murichu

Assistance: Fr. John Gitonga

Brief history about the parish

The parish was started in 1957 by Consolata Missionaries. Currently it has 14 local churches. The parish covers a large area with an approximate population of 5,500 Christians with about 3,000 being active Christians. It is a protestant dominated area, thus a lot of Catholic catechisis is required. All associations are active.

Religious congregation

  1. Asssis srs of Mary Immaculate

Local churches

  1. Kiria-ini
  2. Kanjama
  3. Kamacharia
  4. Kiruru
  5. Ihuririo
  6. Kiambuthia
  7. Kagumo-ini
  8. Kora
  9. Gitugi
  10. Ngutu
  11. Nyakianga
  12. Gikoe
  13. Kiangima

Events and projects

  1. Construction of a multipurpose hall
  2. Construction of classes at John Paul II academy




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