Muthangari Catholic Parish


Patron saint: St. Peter Claver

Postal Address: 29 Gacharage-ini

Phone number: 0716 681 175

Parish priest: Fr. Francis Wanjohi M

Assistant: Fr. Clement Maina M

Short information about the parish

The parish was demarcated from Kiria-ini Catholic Parish and officially opened in 1992. By then it comprised of six permanent outstations covering an area of 14square kilometers. It is situated in Mathioya sub- county, specifically at the foot of Aberdare ranges. The parish serves a population of approximately 1,900 Christians. It has 834 active adult Christians in terms of integral participation in church affairs, for instance church support. Apparently the number of Christian has grown, necessitating an addition of other seven local churches totaling to twelve, with nine small Christian communities. The parish has associations like, CWA, CMA, Youth group, vibrant PMC, parish choir, legion of Mary (Mbutu ya Maria, and it has one public school and one private school

Local churches

  1. Gatunguru
  2. Gacharage-ini
  3. Muthangari
  4. Kagongo
  5. Kiambura
  6. Mioro
  7. Merere-ini
  8. Kiamuturi
  9. Ruru
  10. Nguru-ini
  11. Kihari
  12. Kairo

Ongoing events and projects

  1. On going re-awakening of faith through adult catechesis, mass and adoration
  2. Mobilization and foundation of PMC (prospective future staunch Christians)
  3. Integral seminars to all local churches and all leaders on church support
  4. Renovation and upgrading the local churches
  5. Construction of permanent local churches (Kiambura, Gacharage-ini and merere-ini)

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