Brief introduction

The objective of the office as constituted by the Bishop is basically to collaborate with the parishes in the formation of the young people towards a wholesome and integrated Christian maturity.

Administration of the youth office is headed by the youth director, diocese coordinator and the executive.

The youth office has chaplains from every deanery.

Youth Activities: Levels of participation

  • Local Churches
  • Parishes
  • Deaneries
  • Diocese
  • Metropolitan
  • National
  • International


Common activities:

  • Youth enrolments
  • Festivals and games
  • Leaders seminars
  • Mission week and youth mass (diocesan, metropolitan, national and international).


  • Parish rallies and workshops
  • Youth masses
  • Charitable activities. Planned blood donation.
  • crusades


This is an annual event


  1. Renewal.
  2. Keep record of the youth members.
  3. Maintain link with the youth Director.


1. Low turn – out due to;

  • Lack of proper mobilization from some parish leaders.
  • Lack of support from the parishes.

2. Insufficient attention to the students in boarding schools.

Festivals and Games

  • Both are competitive as well as foster social interaction among the young people.
  • Through the festivals the annual theme is developed and understood. The activities help the youth to live the theme.


Lack of sufficient funds to support the groups.

Leaders Seminar

Three seminars a year; April, August and December.


  • To offer leadership training.
  • To provide moral, doctrinal and spiritual formation to the leaders. This also is done at parish rallies and seminars.
  • To build confidence through social interaction.

Mission week and youth mass

  • —  The mission week is takes place once in every year.
  • —  We have had deanery leaders revival missions to some identified parishes.
  • —  Sometimes the norm may change to allow greater participation of young people as has always been their request.


1. Addition of tents and P.A system to the youth project.

2. Successful and competitive drama and music festivals and ball games.

3. Increased participation in seminars organized by the diocese. Thank you to the financial assistance        from the finance office.

4. Good response from the youth in parishes where revival visits have been held.

5. Working with LVCT has helped us in capacity building and group dynamics.

6. Our groups were given a chance to perform at the County Mashujaa Day Celebration. Such an avenue is a big achieve


  • —  Financial inadequacies facing youth at parish levels leading to strains in participation in diocese activities.
  • —  Inefficient communication channels to the youth groups.
  • —  Inaccurate youth population database due to transitory nature of the association.
  • —  Inadequate attention to the youths in the boarding schools.

Pastoral projections

  • —  Formation of youth population database with frequent analysis and updates. This is underway.
  • —  Expansion of the current project.
  • —  Having bought wedding decoration items, we now intend to buy another tent coming year.
  • —  We intend to constitute a youth development committee to assist the office in the projects.
  • —  Strengthening the youth ministry to the school through C.A . We intend to:
  1. Organize schools C.A. patrons and leaders meetings for coordination of this apostolate.
  2. To work in collaboration with the diocesan coordinator and Patron and Patroness who happen to be teachers.
  3. To organize through parishes masses in schools in order to reach the students.
  • —  Working closely with the county youth ministers to advance our youth agenda.
  • —  To begin a youth update magazine in order to educate the young people.
  • —  To liaise with the PMS department and organize a common and smooth PMC transition to Youth association.

Long term plans

  • —  Set up a youth agricultural project.
  • —  To buy a pastoral vehicle(pick-up) for the office.
  • —  Construction of a youth centre for training the youth in various fields at an affordable cost.

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