Sacred Heart of Jesus – Patron, Catholic Diocese of Murang’a


A vibrant Catholic Family united in love, living the gospel values to holiness


The Catholic Diocese of Murang’a is committed to holistic development transforming the entire people of God through its core values.

Core values

The work and operation of the Diocese are guided by the following Core Values:

• Christian witness: Ensuring hat all those acting on its behalf bear Christian witness and enshrine its values in all their actions.
• Roman Catholic Faith: Continuous adherence to the teaching and doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.
• Parish Community focus: Building community target groups at the parish level.
• Compassion for all: a constant empathy to the suffering of those less fortunate.
• Human Dignity: Respect for humanity and advocacy of justice and peace.
• Transparency and Accountability: Cherishing the virtues of probity, transparency and accountability and upholding them at all times.
• Human Resources: Committing to the empowerment of people’s knowledge and skills set at all levels.
• Efficient and effective use of resources: Commitment to optimal use of available resources and preservation of all forms in which they occur.
• Subsidiarity: Empowering institutions, programmes and parishes to make decisions as far as possible at the local level, emphasizing decentralization in decision making authority.

The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Cathedral

Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral










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