Mission: CDM health department is committed to provision of holistic, affordable, and accessible healthcare services with compassionate love and care.
Vision: To be a leading healthcare service provider in the region and beyond.
Motto: A healthy community; Our priority.
Patroness: St. Elizabeth- Patroness of Hospitals.
Core Values:
I. Compassionate love
II. Accountability and transparency
III. Respect for all
IV. Professionalism
V. Service
Health Office
Catholic Diocese of Murang’a
P.O Box 734-10200
Mobile: 0726 170 478

HOD: Mr. Anthony Muriuki (Diocesan Health Coordinator)
The Health department derives its mandate from the Healing ministry of Jesus Christ:
“At sunset, all those who had friends suffering from diseases of one kind or another brought them to Jesus and, laying his hands on each, he cured them.”- Luke 4:40

Since the beginning, the Catholic faith has understood that the care of the sick and the dying is part of who we are. The roots of our healing mission lie in the life and ministry of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The health department oversees and ensures smooth running of the health institutions in the Diocese and coordinates implementation of community health programs. The department is headed by the Diocesan health coordinator who is mandated to advise the Local Ordinary on matters health and links the health institutions in the Diocese with various stakeholders including the Ministry of health, County government, funding agencies among other benefactors. He/she ensures that health services are provided in line with the catholic health ethics and principles. There exists a Diocesan Health Board constituting of 9 members appointed by the Bishop whose main role is to offer guidance and support the health coordinator in executing his/her mandate.
There are 23 health facilities in the Diocese: 3 level 4 hospitals, 4 health centers and 16 dispensaries spread across Murang’a and Kirinyaga counties. The department also oversees running of two homes for the aged men and women.
Services and Programs:
• Curative and promotive health services: We offer quality, affordable and efficient health services to our clientele in all the 23 health facilities. We have hospitals with well furnished theatres, modern radiology equipments, quality and certified pharmaceutical supplies and a team of qualified and dedicated human resource.
• HIV Testing and counseling:
The Diocese has been in the fore front in the war against HIV and has been a key stakeholder in addressing the HIV/AIDS menace in the region. The department has a team of over 60 health care workers trained on HIV testing and counseling spread across the 23 health facilities. In partnership with LVCT Health, we have in the past five years offered HIV Testing and Counseling services to over 150,000 clients, identified 2,276 HIV positive and 2117 were effectively linked to care and treatment.
• HIV Care and treatment:
We have 4 comprehensive care centers with over 3,500 clients on treatment and 24 psychosocial support groups.

• Community Health education and mobilization:
The health facility conducts frequent and targeted mobile clinics in their catchment areas in order to take the services closer to the community and share health messages with the beneficiaries. Health education during a mobile outreach.
• Lobbying, consultation and networking with stakeholders.
The department is actively involved in lobbying and advocacy on health matters in the region and it strives to liaise with all stakeholders for the better of the community we serve.

• Maternal and child health:
The Catholic Church is believes in the sanctity and dignity of life from conception to natural death. We have 7 health facilities with well equipped maternities and qualified personnel to conduct deliveries and manage the mother and child postpartum. All the 23 health facilities have the capacity to offer antenatal and postnatal care. We have teamed up with the ministry of health, Local implementing partners and the county governments to ensure that all pregnant women delivers in the health facility under care of a skilled midwife.
• Pastoral care in the Hospitals:
All our health facilities are located in parishes; we collaborate with the parish priests who offer chaplaincy in the health institutions in their parishes. The priests’ conduct frequent pastoral visits in the health facilities to pray for give hope and also bless the terminally ill.
• Resource mobilization: The health office in collaboration with other departments in the Diocese does resource mobilization for the health facilities and solicits for funding and financial support from donors and well wisher to support the health programs in the diocese.
Partners and donors we have worked with:
Partner/ Donor Program/ Area of support Status.
European Union Maternal child health completed
LVCT Health ( CDC) Organization capacity building/ HIV testing and counseling. Completed
Safaricom Foundation Ambulance/ Laundry machine/ Renovations. completed
Catholic Medical Mission Board HIV/AIDS care and treatment completed
Ministry of Health Human Resource(Health care workers secondment) Ongoing.
Aphia Plus Kamili Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV- Technical support Ongoing
Well wishers Equipments and Financial support. Ongoing

• Recruitment, capacity building and training of human resource for health.
The health department is responsible for recruitment of qualified and competent healthcare workers in all the health facilities. The department organizes and conducts requent trainings, refreshers and capacity building sessions for all the health care workers in order to ensure that they remain competitive and up to date.

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