OUR MOTTO: Strong in faith This association was started in 1975 after looking deeply to the way catholic women’s livelihood which was full social, economical and spiritual problems and the methods of tackling these problems which had affected their homes, Church and the society at large. The target was to change the life of many women who were lost in the moral decadence of the society which had lost direction due to drunkardness, immorality , drug addiction, individualistic life, gap between husband and wife, lack of good cooperation among themselves, abuse of human rights due to selfishness attitude towards each other. Fr.Elias Muriithi CWA Chaplain and Moderator Sr. Teresa wambui CWA Diocesan Coordinator Cathrene Wambui CWA Diocesan Chairlady Lucy Wangui CWA Diocesan V/ Chairlady Diana wangari CWA Diocesan Treasurer Edith Kagio CWA Diocesan Secretary Ann Wairimu CWA Diocesan V/Secretary To bring catholic women together to enable them to tackle church works in spreading their faith that brings salvation of the souls. To enable women have a chance to their sacramental life in a more profound way so as to deepen their faith as instructed by the Vatican II Document. To give the women a chance to demonstrate their faith by actions for the growth of the Church and the society at large T o promote holiness of individual members To assist and promote the active participation of members in Evangelism, economic activities for self reliance, protection of the catholic faith, promotion of healthy social behavior political awareness-through active participation and improvement of environment. We aim to bring women together so that they effectively participate in the general development of their church and community Our patron saint is St. Monica who is our model as a wife, mother and Saint.

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