Kaburugi Catholic Parish


Patron saint:      St. Peter

P.o. box 2212 – 01000 Thika

Email address:   stpeterkaburugi@yahoo.com

Phone numbers: 0702 042 013 or 0727 323 217

Parish priest:     Fr. James Njoroge FDP

Assistants:          Fr. Morris Mawira FDP

Br. Harison Ngigi FDP

Brief information about the parish

The parish was elecdted on 13th Dec, 1998. The first parish priest was Fr. Josee Martins. The parish is ran by sons of divine providence (Don Orione). It has 7 parishes, 1 prayer house and 35 small Christian movements. The associations and movements include CWA, CMA, youth, PMC, Pioneer and YACA. There are two secondary schools, one primary school and one nursery school all of which are sponsored by the parish. There is a center for the mentally challenged children (Don Orione center) and a green house which supports the running of the center.

Religious congregation

Sons of divine providence (Don Orione)

Local churches

  1. Kaburugi
  2. Ng’araria
  3. Mathuri
  4. Mahuti
  5. Muruka
  6. Kawendo
  7. Kiranga
  8. Manyika

Ongoing events and projects

  1. Electing a Marian
  2. Organization and clearing the parish center compoung
  3. PMC bus diocesan project




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