Difathas Catholic Parish


Patron Saint: St. James the Aplostle

Parish priest: Fr. William Ndung’u

Assistant: Fr. Patrick Kinani

P. O.  Box. 636 Embu Tel. 0721 470 419

Brief information of the parish

St. James the Apostle Difathas is in Kianyaga Deanery, Kirinyaga county. It was blessed and opened on 15/6/ 1997 by Re. Peter Kairu and the late Fr. Thomas Biasizzo was appointed the 1st parish priest. It was under Consolata missionaries until 21/1/2009 when it was handed over to the Diocese and Fr. David Gitau appointed the 1st Diocesan priest to head the parish.

Local churches

  1. Difathas
  2. Kanjuu
  3. Gichonjo
  4. Kimweas
  5. Mburi
  6. Mururi
  7. Mutungara
  8. Mirera
  9. Mang’a
  10. Ngucui
  11. Kanjinji
  12. Rianjuki
  13. Kamugunda

Ongoing events and projects

  1. Home blessing
  2. Catechesis
  3. Ongoing formations
  4. Construction of a perimeter wall
  5. Adoration


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