Maragua Catholic Parish


Patron saint: Holy Family

P.o. Box 84 Maragua


Parish Priest: Fr. Nathaniel Ndambiri

Assistant: Fr. Martin Wanyoike


Brief information about the parish

Maragua Catholic Parish was established in 1993. It was carved from Ichagaki and Mumbi parishes. It composes of one pastralcenter and thirteen local churches. There are three sponsored primary schools, one upcoming secondary school, one resource centre for street boys (St. Michael) and nine associations.

Local churches

  1. Maragua
  2. Wairuri
  3. St. mary
  4. Kamuiru
  5. Ikundu
  6. Muchagara
  7. Maragua Ridge
  8. Gituamba
  9. Iregi
  10. Ihiga-ini
  11. Gathera
  12. Ihumbu
  13. Gikindu

Ongoing events and projects

  1. Constructing self contained rooms in the pastoral centre
  2. Adding a plot next to the pastoral centre
  3. Renovation of local churches
  4. Completing the construction of local churches

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