Ithanga Catholic parish


Patron Saint: Our Lady of Assumption

Po box 68 Ithanga

Email address:

Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Gathomo

Assistant: Fr. Simon Njoroge

Brief information of the parish

The parish was started on 27th Feb, 1994 by the then Catholic Diocese of Murang’a Rev. Peter Kairu. Fr. Peter Baudena was the acting priest until june when Fr. Alberto Paccini took over as the parish priest. By then it had 5 local churches which have grown to 14 today. Ithanga covers ithanga and part of Kakuzi divisions. It neighbours Machakos Diocese and Nairobi archdiocese on one side. It has a population of about 3000 people, and runs in three locations namely Ithanga, Kakuzi and Ngelelya. There are 5 secondary schools and 4 primary schools which are Catholic sponsored, 6 DEB primary schools where pastoral services are offered and 2 DEB secondary schools.

Religious congregations

  1. Little servants of the sacred heart
  2. Little daughters of St. Joseph

Local churches

  1. Our Lady of assumption
  2. St. Elizabeth
  3. Our Lady of mercy
  4. Christ the King
  5. St. Francis
  6. St. John Paul
  7. St. Mulumba
  8. St. Teresa
  9. Holy family
  10. St. Raphael
  11. St. Hellen
  12. St. Joseph
  13. St. Peter
  14. St. Anthony

Ongoing events and projects

  1. Renovation of the parish pastoral center
  2. Acquiring of title deeds for some churches
  3. Acquiring new plots for new churches

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