Sabasaba Catholic Parish


Patron Saint: Holy Cross

P. O. Box 54 -10208 Sabasaba

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Johnson Gichangi

Assistant: Rev. Fr. Wilson Kibuuru

Local churches

  1. Sabasaba
  2. Thaara
  3. Igikiro
  4. Ndorome
  5. Kaharati
  6. Karugia
  7. Rwanganga
  8. Wamahiga
  9. Kahaini

Brief information about the parish

Sabasaba Catholic parish was established in 1975 and was carved from Gaichanjiru and Ichagaki Parishes. It was entrusted to the Comboni Missionaries. As of today it is manned by two diocesan priests and is comprised of 9 local churches with a population of about 5000 Christians. The parish is administered from Sabasaba where the parish takes it’s name. The parish is in the process of establishing two more local churches at Nyati and Karathe where two pieces of land have been acquired.

Ongoing events and projects

  1. Digging a shallow water well
  2. Completion of Kahaini local church


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